Wearables and IoT Sensor Development

Innodeas has significant experience in developing wearable devices and IoT sensors. Our team have developed several generations of wearable healthcare monitoring IoT sensors. We develop and/or help our clients in building IoT Sensors, associated mobile applications and cloud infrastructure for continuous monitoring. We also assist in re-engineering existing devices with newer peripherals and sensors such that the launch cycles can be shortened without compromising on quality. We have a deep understanding of product complexities in building smart devices and wearables.

Hardware Design and Development:

Innodeas offers design solutions for all smart device and wearable products across industries. Innodeas services include 3D mock-ups and proofs of concept, schematic design, multi-layer PCB design, radio integration and signal integrity analysis, RF and high speed digital design, plastic and metal parts design. We have experience in designing 8051, ARM based hardware with on board FPGA integration.

Embedded Software Design:

We have several years of deep domain expertise in embedded systems and software. We provide, services across hardware abstraction layer, firmware and driver development along with support for multiple Real time OSes.

Device Data Analytics:

Data collected from wearable devices and IoT devices can be used to generate interesting insights for connected devices. Innodeas has experience in developing advanced artificial intelligence systems that helps to generate insights from user data collected from millions of connected consumers. Our system can

• acquire and store data from millions of sensors in real time

• build graphs with several nodes. Every node in the graph represents a sensor or user.

• recommend algorithms based on big data graph to provide recommendations to consumers.

INNOsense IoT Platform:

INNOSENSE IoT Platform is an IoT sensor platform which can be easily reconfigured, to add/remove sensors so that IoT device development time can be greatly reduced. It has a Bluetooth Low energy radio interface (other radio interfaces can be added), an integrated ARM Cortex M4 CPU with floating point unit, Nordic NRF52 based Bluetooth chipset in the hardware side. Options for adding Wi-Fi and Zigbee radio is available on request. A variety of input sensors can be easily added configured (ECG, PPG, temperature, pressure, humidity and many others).

A readymade android app for interacting with the IoT platform is developed and available. This app can be easily configured for the type of sensor being used. Also, analytics can be added on the app based on customer requirements.

A cloud platform based on IBM Bluemix is readily available and it supports all the existing sensors. Data analytics techniques using machine learning algorithms can be developed and deployed on this cloud based on customer request.