In the earlier times it was difficult to reach out with the classifieds to people spread over a wider area easily. If we publish it in a print media, the editions would be limited, in the case of television the audiences would be limited. Ever since internet has burst into the scene, much like everything advertisement industry has also picked up. Online classifieds are the need of the hour as a user can become both buyer and seller on the click of a button. More over since it is published online, any person can see it sitting anywhere in the world. All it takes is basic computer knowledge to browse this site.

In the existing system, interaction between a buyer and seller is limited and the buyer may only have a vague idea of the product they may be purchasing. The proposed system brings in more clarity to the present scenario, not only the consumer will get all the info of the product or service on one click, they can always analyze similar type of products and find out which is the better one. Since there will be competition the price will come down and the quality of product will go up.

There are Five sections in Classifiedz :

· Admin

· Add poster

· Moderator

· users

· Front end visitor