J-Huntz is an online job portal built in PHP. It provides the candidates, ability to register this application and search for jobs, manage their accounts. Each candidate will have an account with their own home page. On the other hand, Employers those are willing to publish the jobs for their company to candidates, can register to the job portal and get their own account created and can post jobs to portal's database. Employers will also have their own profile. Registered Employers can add or remove jobs.

Admin or the super Admin of the application will have the provision to moderate users (Both employees and employers). Admin can set privileges for the employer users like chat option with employee, Can give access limit, Can give employee resume down load option limits etc

Main aim of J-Huntz is to make a user friendly platform where, applicant can search jobs easily and is accessible to everyone who is interested. The Purpose of the application is to provide Job portal for Job Seekers, to submit their CV and apply for job, where Employer can select best Employees from available candidate profile.