My Newz

My Newz is an online News Publishing portal platform which provides an easy way to professionally publish an online news publication, corporate press releases, or manage other content without technical expertise. It is most often used as an online newspaper.

Writers enjoy its easy to use content development submission forms. Editors cn upload with content management ease and speed for editing, approving, and placing stories.

Features :

A story features a photo along with author, byline, brief, and publication information Unlimited number of dynamic news sections.

Publishes related Web links and descriptions with a story.

Options for suscribing/adding advertisements in standered aspect ratios and file size.

Authorized contributing writers can submit stories for editorial review and publication.

Links to sections and stories can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site.

Includes a graphics directory for sharing and archiving graphic.

Optional story archives portlet with powerful search capabilities.

Stories can be rated and reviewed by your audience with the Ratings and Reviews portlet Restrict viewing to authorized users/subscribers only using the Restricted Content Viewing portlet.