Question paper creation and setting made easy

  • Collaborative tool to create question database
  • Smarter way for teachers to set question papers
  • Easily customizable for different schools, tuition centers
  • Features

    Question Database Creation

    Possible to create as many new questions (of different types) for different grade students

    Sort questions

    Questions can be created and/or retrieved based on search filters.

    Image creation for questions

    Images, figures or equations can be created upfront, to be used in a question.

    Question Paper Creation

    Teachers can set new question papers for students based on type of questions, grade of the student, easiness of the question, etc.

    Pre-saved Question Papers

    Teachers can set new question papers or can use pre-saved question papers.

    Question selection

    Automatic and manual selection of questions.

    Teachers can set a question paper either manually selecting question from the database or automatically based on some settings like grade, type of questions, easiness of the questions, etc.

    Generate PDF question papers

    Once a question paper is set, teachers can save that particular question paper (for future use) and save as a PDF file for print purpose.

    Why QMaker?

    • QMaker creates a huge question database; reusable and easy to maintain
    • Easy management of questions/answers based on type, grade and toughness.
    • One time entry/creation of a question; re-usable many times.
    • Possible to sort and save questions based on different input variables.
    • Possible to store or save generated questions papers for re-use.
    • Single location for storing all questions; a central repository.
    • Huge savings in terms of paper/file storages; stored in digital format.
    • Easy to port or modify or append any questions.
    • QMaker can clubbed together with the School website (if needed); makes accessibility easy.
    • QMaker works on an easily customizable framework; effortlessly fits to any kind or size of institutes.
    • Develops a collaborative work culture among the School management by actively participating teachers from different classes.
    • QMaker connects Teachers efficiently to a single platform in order to share information.
    • There is no need for configuring separate Hardware/Software; hence you can avoid a huge amount of complexities.
    • QMaker automates all those complex operations in the School management related to Question setting and Question paper creation.
    • QMaker reduces the Manual work and it makes your School/institute productive.
    • Innodeas team will provide support for any issues faced or change request needed.